In Antofagasta plc we recognised that we are responsible with our stakeholders and the communities in which we operate. We understand that mining is a long term activity and we should always think, and act looking forward. Our operations allows us to generate a positive and lasting change and that is why we are constantly in search of new ways to develop a more efficient, sustainable, and inclusive mining.


  • People's health and safety is the priority in Antofagasta plc. Also, wellbeing, motivation, and our worker's development are crucial for the Group's value proposal. We recognised the importance of diversity and equal opportunities, this is why we constantly put our efforts in the creation of environments that allows integration, and professional and personal development.


  • We are constantly looking for sustainable ways to improve our operational efficiency to assure value creation for our shareholders and stakeholders. We operate in a responsible, and efficient way, with a long-term vision, with the purpose of maximise the economic value of our assets to bring social development, and minimise our environmental impacts.


  • We work permanentely to prevent, control, and mitigate our possible environmental impacts. We are constantly looking use natural resources in a more efficient way. We implement environmental management systems integrated to our business, with targets and KPI's, looking for continual improvement, and evaluating our environmental performance.


  • We are looking to generate economic, social, and human capital in the environments in which we operate. We activate effective process of inclusive, transparent, and participative dialogue with the different actors in the territory, recognizing controversies, and opportunities to address these issues with them and thus generate a shared vision of development.


  • We believe in the importance of developing effective, responsible and transparent institutions. We have guidelines and internal regulations that establish our commitment to start a business in a responsible manner. We maintain an honest, transparent conduct that respects human rights and the law. In addition, we openly communicate our performance and implement systems that allow us to monitor our procedures internally. 

Sustainability Report


Annual Report 2017